Blog 14

Conclusion  rough draft

Police thinks that they can step on us citizens and we won’t do anything about it. Police acting like soldiers is only the start of it. If we let them, treat other people like African american people like crap then we are living in a bad country. The reason people are rioting is because the police is really attacking the African american ethnic group. In the distant future there will be a war between police and the African american ethnic group and other will get hurt or killed in that mess. Police have more of a fighting chance because they received better equipment to fight back and hold up in a battle. If people aren’t concerted now then in a few years it will turn to may-ham. Plus the police will not stop there, they will try to tell everyone what can and be done. Taking over mite be one of there plans and also having a martial law in effect for people.  If you aren’t censored right now later think how the future will be if your policeman is in soldier outfit pointing a gun at you.


Blog 13

Take a hard copy of someone’s paper and make notes of the structure. Put outline symbols in the margins.

Show the person your results and discuss

Post a formal outline of your friends paper as a new blog

How to structure

Most important point is at the end.

Most important point comes first b/c reader gets tired

Start with a big idea and narrow it.

Start with an narrow example and then consider bigger things

Cause and effect scenario- use hedging words like “probably” or “something”


Why does mu project matter?

What would the world be like if we thought this way?

Blog 12


Imagine a scenario

Connect that scenario to our argument

State out thesis

Write a rough draft of your introduction, using thimell’s work as a model

You are cop that is trying to take down a lot of robbers at a bank. You are equip with an assault rifle, grenades, gas mask, height-end protection vest, and a rolling “tank” vehicle.As you run over things in the street you kill one of the robbers and crash your vehicle into a building.Having left your vehicle you run into the bank and gun down a robber. Trowing down some tear gas and then getting shot at, your vest taking a lot of bullets you run back to your vehicle. Seeing that the robber chased you  to your car you get out and from above gun then down with the attached machine gun. The u. s police station are getting some of this gear.


Blog 11

Wrote a research paper- Chernobyl

Organized a blog

Propose a project

Give each other feedback

Explored a topic and narrows it

Take quizzes on material

read a different article by rickert

Complete an annoyed bib.

Synthesize your sources opinions

Blog 10

Possible: Outline of Major Project


  1. Introduction(2 paragraphs)

A. Personal Story

B.Purpose and thesis

2. Background Info

A. Interstellar


3. Point 1



4. Point 2 ( Same structure)

5.Point 3(same)

6. Point 4(same)

Opposing views(2 to 3 paragraphs)

7 Conclusion

A. Review main points

B. Guess at the future

Blog 9

Pop Culture

We should use pop culture in out research

  1. Shows us a concrete example of out topic
  2. Offers hypothetical solutions to problems
  3. Makes the topic rotatable to the audience

Compose one paragraph in which you discuss how your topic has appeared in pop culture in some way.

In Ferguson, Missouri after a shooting happened, riots started. Police in that town had to calm things down. Angle Cop is a Japanese magma movie that talks about police officers having military weapons to protect themselves and others. Battlefield Hard line is a video game that is based of cops and robbers using high end guns.