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Changing Perspectives: What Does this Mean?

Write one paragraph about something you believe, and try to get me to believe it, too.

I believe that U.S.A. will never gt out of debt because the government keeps spending money. United States debt closing in 18 trillion dollars and how will the country ever pay that back. I’m sure that there is not enough gold to pay that of on the planet. It will take about 400,000,000 years to pay of that debt. Each person would have to pay over 200,000 a month and its increasing by the second. The payment each person will have to pay varies state by state.

Argument the opposite:

Raising the debt would just benefit all of the people in the U.S. We can open up more programs back up. People will have money to spend. We won’t have to raise the wages up because people are getting more money from the programs. More research can get doe, making more people healthier and wealthier. No more worries about food because the government will take care of them as “they should of.”


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