Blog 5

How has your view of the research process changed since Jan? And how might you make an argument related to a thing, place, or animal?

Since January my research would consist of more things to look up. Looking at different sources like Google scholar, articles, the web, books, entertainment things. Making an argument for a thing, place, or animal would consist of look at different views. For a certain thing, someone could look from a positive side and a bad side. Places could have why go there and why not, animals you can look from your eyes and think of what the animal mite be thinking. Also making an argument would have to be a proving one, things to back up the argument you are making. Having someone else agree or diaereses with your one idem you choice to write about. making sure that the person is reading the right thing would you to having have a argument to be more over powering the other perspective side.


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