Blog 7.0

1. Author -credentials(use PhD)

Publisher-University presses

Evidence-pathos v. logos- statistics, case studies

Genre- type of source


2. Voice recorder


WordPress app

Notes app



3. Inter-library loan

Universal Borrowing/ Allies

5 days-28 days

4. Modern Language Assoc.- our system

Apa/ American psych. Assoc.- easiest

Cse( Course of Science Ed)



5. Citation

MLA-6th ed- had to put URL- link ain’t stable

7th ed – do not -wet

in text citation-”  ” (Johnson 89)

Annotated Bib.- works cited page w/descriptions, evaluation of each source(100-150 words)

description will expl. how you plan to use the source ( Purdue OWL ex-annotated)

Build your work cited pg. 1st in alpha order (337-356)

  • explain who the author is
  • what form of excrescent
  • what new persp-does it have

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