Blog 7.5

Example: Darisa’s Journal

Topic: Art

Issue: art that you can touch/ sculpture

Question: should people be able to touch sculptures/art that is built?

Position: people should be able to touch monuments and sculptures when visiting museums.

Thesis: memorials, superstitions

  • Ways – the plan should be done
  • who
  • when
  • where
  • why

Thesis: when considering whether arts patios may touch sculpture, we should focus on a valve of memorials, superstitions, and textures related to the art pieces. This will demonstrate how valuable touch is.

  • Topic: Military
  • Issue: Military weaponry
  • Question: Should police officers have M16 rifles and armored trucks?
  • Position: Police officers should not have military weaponry and vehicles
  • Thesis: Some people believing that police should become our military on the street , most think that its a bad idea.  Police thinking that they get more power with military upgrade gear like M16 rifles and vehicles having a better chance in “protecting”, the american people.

Juice: more students should drink juice

Thesis: Juice

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  • a. First oranges squeezed in Egypt
  • b. Plums picked from Africa
  1. Became the first juice
  2. Were sold to the rich

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