Blog 14

Conclusion  rough draft

Police thinks that they can step on us citizens and we won’t do anything about it. Police acting like soldiers is only the start of it. If we let them, treat other people like African american people like crap then we are living in a bad country. The reason people are rioting is because the police is really attacking the African american ethnic group. In the distant future there will be a war between police and the African american ethnic group and other will get hurt or killed in that mess. Police have more of a fighting chance because they received better equipment to fight back and hold up in a battle. If people aren’t concerted now then in a few years it will turn to may-ham. Plus the police will not stop there, they will try to tell everyone what can and be done. Taking over mite be one of there plans and also having a martial law in effect for people.  If you aren’t censored right now later think how the future will be if your policeman is in soldier outfit pointing a gun at you.


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