Blog 7.5

Example: Darisa’s Journal

Topic: Art

Issue: art that you can touch/ sculpture

Question: should people be able to touch sculptures/art that is built?

Position: people should be able to touch monuments and sculptures when visiting museums.

Thesis: memorials, superstitions

  • Ways – the plan should be done
  • who
  • when
  • where
  • why

Thesis: when considering whether arts patios may touch sculpture, we should focus on a valve of memorials, superstitions, and textures related to the art pieces. This will demonstrate how valuable touch is.

  • Topic: Military
  • Issue: Military weaponry
  • Question: Should police officers have M16 rifles and armored trucks?
  • Position: Police officers should not have military weaponry and vehicles
  • Thesis: Some people believing that police should become our military on the street , most think that its a bad idea. ¬†Police thinking that they get more power with military upgrade gear like M16 rifles and vehicles having a better chance in “protecting”, the american people.

Juice: more students should drink juice

Thesis: Juice

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  • a. First oranges squeezed in Egypt
  • b. Plums picked from Africa
  1. Became the first juice
  2. Were sold to the rich

Blog 7.0

1. Author -credentials(use PhD)

Publisher-University presses

Evidence-pathos v. logos- statistics, case studies

Genre- type of source


2. Voice recorder


WordPress app

Notes app



3. Inter-library loan

Universal Borrowing/ Allies

5 days-28 days

4. Modern Language Assoc.- our system

Apa/ American psych. Assoc.- easiest

Cse( Course of Science Ed)



5. Citation

MLA-6th ed- had to put URL- link ain’t stable

7th ed – do not -wet

in text citation-” ¬†” (Johnson 89)

Annotated Bib.- works cited page w/descriptions, evaluation of each source(100-150 words)

description will expl. how you plan to use the source ( Purdue OWL ex-annotated)

Build your work cited pg. 1st in alpha order (337-356)

  • explain who the author is
  • what form of excrescent
  • what new persp-does it have

Blog 6.5

What do I think about the essay?

I think it was okay, but somethings could have been left out. Having things explained from things like terrorism and other countries didn’t have a good way in the flow. Things like basketball and L.A. really shouldn’t be in the there. Giving examples from modern day day was not a good idea because it was suppose to be about the Constitution. Having more of a transition from one topic to another needs better work.

Blog 6

Critical Reading/ Researching

1: EBSCO Discovery:

Use more specialized database related to your field or topic ERIC, JSTOR, Math-world

2: Google/ Wikis: start there, but follow the trail of more expert sources.

3: AVL: AL virtual library-no log in

4: Google scholar: if abstract is available, you can’t use it. Put the title of the arguments helps you make a POSITION STATEMENT

There should be fewer cars – there might be a problem with unmarked cars in Montgomery.

Website Wait

Secondary source

is human kind ready for AI

logic, emotion

When humans will accept AI the year percentage, statistics, future.

That there will be one super computer that thinks faster than any life form.

Blog 5.5

Sydney: received a speeding ticket bet. Prattville and MGM

Research Question in Jan.

Why are there so man unmarked cars in the area?

Who first thought of unmarked cars?

How long have unmarked cars been used?


March: Should unmarked cars be used to stop speeding drivers in MGM?

Unmarked police cars should not be used to stop speeding travelers.

Should United States have military at all?

I would say yes, however it should not be used as a world wide “Police” force.

What relieves stress.

We should build places with water in order to relieve stress on college campuses.

We should propose to build three koi pond on the AUM campus.

Should money valve stay at what it its now or change?

Should we be pursuing AI?

Blog 5

How has your view of the research process changed since Jan? And how might you make an argument related to a thing, place, or animal?

Since January my research would consist of more things to look up. Looking at different sources like Google scholar, articles, the web, books, entertainment things. Making an argument for a thing, place, or animal would consist of look at different views. For a certain thing, someone could look from a positive side and a bad side. Places could have why go there and why not, animals you can look from your eyes and think of what the animal mite be thinking. Also making an argument would have to be a proving one, things to back up the argument you are making. Having someone else agree or diaereses with your one idem you choice to write about. making sure that the person is reading the right thing would you to having have a argument to be more over powering the other perspective side.

blog 4.5

Changing Perspectives: What Does this Mean?

Write one paragraph about something you believe, and try to get me to believe it, too.

I believe that U.S.A. will never gt out of debt because the government keeps spending money. United States debt closing in 18 trillion dollars and how will the country ever pay that back. I’m sure that there is not enough gold to pay that of on the planet. It will take about 400,000,000 years to pay of that debt. Each person would have to pay over 200,000 a month and its increasing by the second. The payment each person will have to pay varies state by state.

Argument the opposite:

Raising the debt would just benefit all of the people in the U.S. We can open up more programs back up. People will have money to spend. We won’t have to raise the wages up because people are getting more money from the programs. More research can get doe, making more people healthier and wealthier. No more worries about food because the government will take care of them as “they should of.”